24 Gold Thank You Cards

  Printing Type: Full Color Digital Press

  Finish Size: 210 x 148mm

  Design: 8 Unique Designs

  Material: Eco-Friendly

  Thickness: 350gsm

Estimated Price:


Celebrate the joy of giving and saying ‘thank you’ with our delightful Christmas Thank You Cards multipack. These cards are thoughtfully crafted with a touch of elegance to make your gratitude even more special.

Made in the UK: Our Christmas Thank You Cards are proudly made in the UK. They feature 8 stunning, colorful designs that evoke the festive spirit. These cards are designed in a convenient format that can be easily folded and inserted into cozy envelopes, eliminating the hassle of glue sticks. Share the love by offering them as heartfelt gifts to friends and family.

Elegant Designs with High Quality: Each set includes 24 cards, with 8 unique watercolor patterns and golden foil designs. Our premium cards offer a luxurious feel with a matte finish and a slight texture for an elegant touch. They are dense and pleasant to the touch, making them easy to write on and personalize.

Ergonomic Envelopes & Stickers: Our Christmas Thank You Cards come with envelopes that feature fresh and vibrant patterns, adding an extra layer of charm to your greetings. The double sealing inside the envelope ensures your messages stand out and stay secure.

Perfect for All Occasions: Express your gratitude to employers, customers, family, and friends. These high-quality thank you greeting cards are versatile and suitable for various occasions, including holidays, weddings, parties, meetings, events, and anniversaries.

Reliable Material and Durable Box: Crafted from sturdy, non-toxic, and odorless materials, our Thank You Cards are built to last. The terms are resistant to fading, ensuring your heartfelt messages endure. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and come in a durable box that can also be used for safe storage.

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